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BitLift is your wingman down the crypto rabbit hole.

Our mission is to accelerate crypto adoption through education and everyday use. We envision a world where more transactions are done with crypto than smelly old government money and we have a plan to help get us all there.

Crypto Content

  • Educational – We teach people everything they need to understand crypto, use crypto and invest in crypto.
  • Reviews – We help people navigate the many products and projects in the crypto space.

Crypto Commerce

  • Sold By BitLift – We’re your trusted source for crypto products like wallets, books and crypto swag!
  • Marketplace – We help other brands accept crypto payments and connect with our crypto savvy audience.

Crypto Innovation

  • Payments – We’re the first marketplace enabling merchants to get paid in crypto directly by the customer with no fees or middlemen.

Join Us

We’re bootstrapping BitLift from the ground up with our own funds, time and energy. And we’re looking for passionate crypto geeks to join us. A few things about our team:

  • We don’t take a salary, instead we all own equity in the company and 80% of our profits are distributed to the team in crypto.
  • For most of us, BitLift isn’t our only job, but we all work extra smart and super hard to push BitLift forward.
  • We’ll work together to set concrete goals that work with your availability and hold each other accountable.

We need your help! If any of these roles sound like a good fit for you or someone you know get in touch!

  • Responsibilities
    • Oversee all the educational content and reviews on BitLift!
    • Map out our content strategy
    • Define our voice and editorial standards
    • Outline and delegate content to writers
    • Source, hire, train and manage writers
    • Edit/format/post content to the site
    • Not afraid to put pen to paper yourself
  • Qualities
    • Passion for crypto
    • An eye for quality
  • Experience
    • Experience running content operations
    • Experience with WordPress a plus
  • Responsibilities
    • Site maintenance and updates (it’s WordPress/WooCommerce so there’s lots of updates)
    • Bug fixes and enhancements
    • Speed and performance improvements
    • New feature development and integrations
  • Qualities
    • Passion for crypto
    • Scrappy but organized
    • Self motivated and eagerness to contribute ideas
    • An eye for quality on the front & back end
  • Experience
    • Deep WordPress/WooCommerce experience
    • APIs and Integration experience
    • PHP and Javascript junkie
  • Responsibilities
    • Create a growth/marketing plan and execute the crap out of it
    • Keep the gears of our marketing engines greased and the communications flowing
    • Maintain a marketing/communication calendar
    • Map our customer journey and keep customers on track
    • Set marketing goals and track performance
  • Qualities
    • Passion for crypto
    • Bursting with ideas, loves to test them, analyze results,and repeat
  • Experience
    • High level marketing strategery
    • Email marketing, social media, SEO, referrals, and more…
  • Responsibilities
    • Engage with our community
    • Manage social media accounts across all platforms
    • Share what’s happening at BitLift
  • Qualities
    • Passion for crypto
    • Bursting with ideas and energy
    • Smarter than people think
  • Experience
    • Experience with all major social media platforms
    • Experience crafting social content
  • Responsibilities
    • Overseeing our top secret SEO operations
    • Coordinating with the content team
  • Qualities
    • Data driven
    • Crazily creative
    • Drive to be #1
  • Experience
    • Keyword research
    • On and Off page SEO
  • Responsibilities
    • Overseeing BitLift’s eCommerce operations!
    • All the products, all the sellers, that’s all you
    • Document and maintain our systems and procedures for adding new products/sellers
    • Processing orders and customer product inquiries (for now!)
    • Sourcing new products and sellers
    • Maintaining product listing quality/accuracy
  • Qualities
    • Passion for crypto
    • Eye for detail managing lots of data entry/management
  • Experience
    • Experience with eCommerce operations
    • WooCommerce experience a plus

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